Saturated Polyester Polyol

Etna Tec Limited, LLC is a high solids, oil-free polyester resin manufacturer for use in formulating industrial coatings. These polyester polyols are used to make high solids, low or zero VOC coatings. These specialty resins may be used in two part urethanes, melamine crosslinked baking systems and BPA free resin systems for can and container coatings. Formulators may also use these polyester polyol resins as modifiers for coil coatings to increase chemical resistance and improve adhesion on poorly prepared substrates. Our saturated polyesters polyols allow customers to produce coatings with low levels of solvent while retaining superior application and finished coating properties. Call us, 440-543-9845, for more information.


Products in This Line Include:

SCD 1066

This product is a primary vehicle for container coatings which require FDA 175.300 approval. SCD 1066 offers excellent cure response, coupled with excellent humidity, water and pasteurization resistance. It may be crosslinked with melamines, glycolurils, benzoguanamines and isocyanates. This polyester polyol resin may also be used for modifying coil and extrusion coatings


SCD 1040

This product is a cost effective 100% solids, solvent free polyester resin designed to modify the polyol portion of high solids two component urethane coatings. SCD 1040 has good compatibility with alkyds and acrylics. It improves adhesion, flow, leveling and offers VOC reduction in the final formula. SCD 1040 may also be used as a primary vehicle in melamine crosslinked baking systems.


SCD 6150

This product is a high solids polyester polyol resin with excellent uncatalyzed cure response and high hardness when used as a primary vehicle in melamine crosslinked baking systems. SCD 6150 may also be used to modify coil coatings to improve gloss, mar, corrosion resistance and flexibility. This product meets FDA 175.300 and is HAPS free. SCD 6150 is also available as TEC 6150BC reduced in Butyl Cellosolve. Both products are excellent resins for direct to metal (DTM) container applications.


SCD 1091

This high solids polyester resin was designed to provide excellent adhesion to both metal and plastic substrates. SCD 1091 also exhibits excellent low temperature cure response while maintaining good hardness and flexibility. This product may be used in either melamine or two part urethane coating systems. When used in primer applications, it allows excellent adhesion of either solvent based or water based top coats.


Applications for Our Technology Include

  • Appliance coatings
  • Architectural coatings
  • Can, cap and container coatings
  • Floor coatings
  • General industrial coatings
  • Metal furniture and office equipment
  • Packaging resins
  • Polyester graphic arts resins and ink binders

Our manufacturing facility and lab allow us to work with customers ranging from small/middle market manufacturers up to leading Fortune 500 companies. Call us, 440-543-9845, for more information.

Specialty Resins For Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants And Elastomers

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