100% Solids, Low Viscosity Polyester Diols

Etna Tec Limited, LLC is a 100% Non-volatile Material (NVM) liquid, low viscosity polyester diol manufacturer. These aliphatic polyester diols are designed to be used as modifier resins to improve flexibility while maintaining hardness. In addition, our low viscosity polyester diols enhance salt spray, humidity resistance, and exterior durability in two component urethane applications. Our polyester diols are also useful as reactive diluents to reduce the viscosity of industrial coatings without adding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Products in This Line Include:

TEC 3666

This product is a low viscosity, 100% NVM liquid designed to be used as a resin modifier or as a reactive diluent. TEC 3666 is optically clear and exhibits excellent compatibility and solubility in a variety of resins. This polyester diol imparts excellent exterior durability balanced with good hardness, flexibility, and stain resistance. It is used in both melamine crosslinked baking systems or in two component urethane cross linked systems.

Applications for Our Technology Include

  • Vinyl & leather coatings
  • Flexible packaging inks
  • Reactive diluents
  • Modifying resins for two component urethanes

Our manufacturing facility and lab allow us to work with customers ranging from small/middle market manufacturers to leading Fortune 500 companies. Call us at, 440-543-9845, for more information.

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