Thermally Cured MF Acrylate Resins

Etna Tec Limited, LLC is an acrylate resin manufacturer that has developed and patented a unique coating system based on thermally curing Multi-Functional Acrylate (MFA) resins. Coating formulators may formulate with these MFA based resin systems and achieve a complete cure after baking. Normally, traditional acrylate based coating systems are cured with Ultra Violet (UV) light because they will not cure in the presence of oxygen. Etna Tec’s MFA technology is VOC free, formaldehyde free, solvent free, and amine free. These non-flammable, non-combustible acrylate resins provide superior DOI and gloss enhancement when used as additives, or as fully formulated coatings in thermally cured applications. This MFA Resin technology is also a great choice when you need viscosity reduction without the use of solvents.

Products in this line include:

TEC 3065

This VOC free resin is a Multi-Functional Acrylate (MFA) resin system that is used as a reactive diluent. TEC 3065 contains patented cure technology which allows it to be thermally cured in the presence of oxygen. Unlike conventional UV cured formulations, this technology allows for the use of acrylates in a baking system, while achieving a tack free surface cure. This resin system may be blended with traditional coating technologies such as polyurethanes, melamine crosslinked polyester based formulations, alkyds or epoxies. TEC 3065 may be used to formulate coatings that can be dual-cured with both UV light and thermal energy.

TEC 3570

TEC 3570 is ready for pigmentation and rheology adjustment by the coating manufacturer. This acrylate resin system incorporates the advantages of high performance acrylates and makes them available for use in a thermally cured drum liner. The resin system may also be used to formulate exterior drum coatings, among other applications.

Applications for Our Technology Include

  • Ink formulations for film and flexible packaging
  • High performance baking enamels requiring exceptional DOI
  • Viscosity reduction for 100% solids and VOC free formulations
  • Enhance hydrophobicity via cross linking as reactive diluent/performance additive to improve current systems
  • High-performance container coatings

Our manufacturing facility and polymer research and development laboratory allow us to work with customers ranging from small/middle market manufacturers up to leading Fortune 500 companies. Call us, 440-543-9845, for more information.

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