Cationic UV Cured Resin Systems

Etna Tec Limited, LLC has developed and now manufactures fully formulated resin systems used in additive manufacturing, 3D printing, inks, OPVs, adhesives, PSAs, encapsulation, potting, and DTM coatings. These resin systems include a number of technologies including epoxy urethanes, acrylics, and polyesters. The TEC Cationic UV Cured Resin Systems is designed to provide coatings formulators a solvent-free alternative to conventional polymers and resins used in 3D printing and additive manufacturing.


These specialty polymers include low viscosity, VOC free, UV cured polyester resin, as well as polycarbonate diols that can be formulated for use in 3D printers using cationic UV curing technology or for use in additive manufacturing systems using digital light processing (DLP).


Etna Tec also manufactures a line of fluorinated polyesters which can be used to formulate photo polymer resin systems for ink-jet 3D printing. These fluorinated polyesters help in insuring a better flow and that the application nozzles on the printer do not plug.


Etna Tec works with companies that want to develop unique resin systems for the 3D printing industry. We can produce fully blended resin, cross linker, and additive solutions. In addition, we can produce individual resins that our customers can use to formulate their own products. Our staff is composed of people skilled in polymer development linked with people who know formulation.


Applications for our technology include:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Flexible packaging inks and coatings


Our manufacturing facility and lab allow us to work with customers ranging from small/middle market manufacturers up to leading Fortune 500 companies. Call us at, 440-543-9845, for more information.

Specialty Resins For Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants And Elastomers

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